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What Parents Have to Say About Our Drug Rehab Program

Father and daughter re-united

“Everyone we spoke with was very professional, kind and sensitive to all of the feelings we were experiencing.”

“When our family realized our daughter needed help for her drug problem, we were terrified and had no idea how to find the treatment she needed. A family friend found and put us in touch with Narconon New Life Retreat. From our very first conversation with their staff, we felt that this would be the best place for her. They helped us find an interventionist and really explained the program. Everyone we spoke with was very professional, kind and sensitive to all of the feelings we were experiencing. All through our daughter’s stay we were always kept informed of her progress as well as what we could expect to happen when she encountered difficult periods. We wouldn’t have made it through those periods without the staff’s support. Even after our daughter’s gradation, the staff was great about following up with her and with us to see how she as doing and they continued to offer their support when she needed it. Besides getting clean, our daughter has grown so much in the months she has spent at Narconon Louisiana, and we truly feel blessed to have found Tom, Cathy, and the rest of the staff because we have always been able to tell that they really care about our daughter!”—The C. Family

“With the unbelievable help of Narconon, he has been able to break his bonds of addiction and re-emerge a new person.”

“I write this letter today in high hopes for my brother B.Y. In it I will attempt to describe what can only be called a small family miracle. In essence I have witnessed a rebirth, or return, of my little brother. B has been absent for some time, leaving a void in the family. A terrible black hole fueled by a stubborn addiction had driven him away from his loved ones and tarnished his life. This disease derailed his dreams of education, ruined any meaningful relationships, and wasted years of his life with a relentless pursuit of the next high. With the unbelievable help of Narconon, he has been able to break his bonds of addiction and re-emerge a new person. As B completed his program, he excelled and gained higher certificates and expertise. The reward from helping people is a powerful force and I believe it has directed him to a new calling in life as a rehab counselor. He was then invited to stay on and join the staff. Since his rehabilitation, I have observed him grow and make crucial decisions. He has severed ties with old friends that are not sober and even intervened to help several old acquaintances gain freedom from addiction. I am confident that he has found new direction and purpose. In the recent past I have invited him to move to Amarillo and work in the office, but I envision him going to college to gain employment as a counselor. These choices are yet to be solidified but he has my complete support in his endeavors to regain his life and become a productive member of society.”—The Y. Family

“Prior to his enrollment at Narconon Louisiana he was a crazed drug addict and alcoholic with a very dull future.”

“DJ is quite a success story, thanks to the Narconon Riverbend program. Prior to his enrollment at Narconon Riverbend, he was a crazed drug addict and alcoholic with a very dull future. Since his enrollment at Narconon Riverbend he has become not only a man, but a role model for many! His attitude on life has returned and his constant desire to help people and his drive for personal betterment is unbelievable. His sister was on drugs and multiple prescription medications also and with the help of DJ, she was able to go through a very thorough program at Narconon and is able to live a fulfilling life and that would have never been possible if DJ hadn’t set the path and become a role model and hero for his sister. Our family life is also so very different. We don’t have to be on pins and needles everyday, wondering if he is in jail or alive for that matter. We no longer have to hide our personal belongings when he comes to visit. He has taken every opportunity possible to him to better his life through the Narconon Riverbend program and because of the steps he has taken, the ability to trust DJ again is amazing. Because of his hard work and daily effort, his anger issues have been dealt with and he has a sort of calm about him. He is a joy to be around and loved by all. We always knew he had it in him but he was never able to bring it out, until he was introduced to the Narconon program. This facility in Louisiana has been nothing shy of a complete miracle in our family’s life! With the help of the staff we are truly grateful for all the hard work and effort that it took to have the ability to assist our son. DJ is a walking miracle and we owe it all to Narconon. We as a family are truly grateful to have DJ back and more powerful than ever. He is an amazing young man and now he has the ability to help others that are in the same situation…now he is the brightest star in our eyes! There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think if not once but a million times how proud we are to call DJ our son or brother. It took a lot of work for DJ to have gotten to where he is today and it is work on a daily basis but as long as he has that desire and drive he can fulfill any of his dreams. There is nothing standing in his way anymore. With the help of the Narconon Riverbend program he was able to clear his path in life and now there is nothing to slow him down or stop him from following his dreams.”—The J. Family

“We just wanted to express our thanks…”

“We just wanted to express our thanks to you for the work you are doing. We have seen a great change in K that even K didn’t think was possible. Before we brought K there, we all were feeling very hopeless and thought there was no help for us. Thank you again, and thank you for the dinner on Easter, it was great. Please tell all who helped prepare it how much we enjoyed it.”—The H. Family

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These success stories are only a glimpse of the literally thousands of successes written by our graduates and their loved ones. The former addicts that have graduated our program go on to lives of success and happiness. Many of Riverbend Retreat’s graduates have written or called in years later expressing their gratitude for the drug-free lives we helped them regain. If you would like to have similar success, call us now.

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