Narconon Louisiana Success Story

In the words of a former addict who recently graduated from Narconon Riverbend:

“I am a 45-year-old female who just graduated from Narconon Louisiana. I had a problem with my back when I was 26 and the doctors gave me painkillers, as many as I wanted to take as often as I wanted. So I really got addicted to these painkillers. 

“I had a husband and I have two children. I really gave my family hell. When I was into drugs, I changed completely. I began to mistrust my husband, accusing him of being unfaithful, then spending all of our savings and all the while I kept saying, “Don’t you understand? I am hurting!’

“This all led to a divorce and then I became the bitter divorcee. My children didn’t want to talk with me anymore because I would poison their attitude about their father. I couldn’t work anymore because I was worried about where do I get my next prescription so I wouldn’t go into pain.

“One day, a good friend of mine showed up with a representative from Narconon Louisiana. I was totally upset. Fortunately, I did sit long enough to listen. The rest is history – a good one I want to share. 

“When I got to this treatment center I got to sit in a sauna and took a lot of vitamins and minerals. Of course that was spot-on because I really hadn’t been taking care of myself. The withdrawing and the sauna detox lasted for three weeks. I thought cool, I’m going home, but no. 

“Then I was on a course to learn communication skills. It helped me to communicate better with anyone about anything. That was invaluable to me. And in my next studies, I realized that absolutely I had created all my problems with my family and my work. 

“My life was useless until I came to Narconon. Today, I am home and my ex-husband is coming over for dinner tonight. I have a much better relationship with him and have apologized for all of my misadventures and have begun to make up the damage I created. 

“The children were with me yesterday and they are very excited that I am no longer taking painkillers. They absolutely see a huge change in me. I am making up the damage with them also. I get to be with my daughter when the grandson comes into the world. I go to physical therapy and do exercise to help with my back problem.

“Before, I really was not living. I was a walking dead person. Drugs were more important to me than all the other wonderful things I had in my life. Narconon Louisiana saved my life.”

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