The Origin of Narconon New Life Retreat

Picture of Hurricane Katrina and Doctor Adi

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina brought loss, tragedy and horror to tens of thousands of people in the New Orleans area through displacement, loss of life and destruction of property.

As in any city of this size, thousands of people affected by Katrina were drug or alcohol addicts. Not only did they lose their homes and livelihood, they also quickly began to suffer drug withdrawals. Many flocked to hospitals looking for help.

In the aftermath of the hurricane, Dr. Rohit Adi was working at the Emergency Room at a hospital in Baton Rouge, a city that received thousands of people fleeing New Orleans. It was there that he saw hundreds of people looking for relief from withdrawals. After all, no street drugs or prescription drugs were available to New Orleans residents as the city had been evacuated and surrounded by National Guard. So thousands of people began the painful process of drug withdrawal without any support or medical supervision.

It was from this experience that Dr. Adi began to take action. He found others who were willing to accept responsibility for the addicted people in this area and Narconon Louisiana was founded.

Within months, Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat was opened and has since been helping not only those from the New Orleans area and throughout Louisiana, but also people from all across America. Narconon Louisiana has become a place where one can truly overcome addiction.

Everyone deserves a chance for a successful and productive life. If someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, call us to find out how we can help.

Nothing will ever change the destruction and loss caused by Katrina but we can help those still in this region who struggle with addiction and need our support.