What I Had Been
Searching For

Narconon Graduate

Before I came to Narconon I was in a downward spiral heading for disaster.

I stole, I cheated, I lied. I did anything I could do to get my next fix. Life truly was a living hell. I would steal from my own family and when confronted about it, I would lie straight to their faces making them wrong for even confronting me about the situation.

I’ve been in houses that have been raided by the DEA. I’ve sold drugs and had the worst things happen to those the drugs were sold to. It was not directly my doing, but it’s the action of doing the drug dealing that made me a part of this.

My best friend was murdered. My girlfriend overdosed and died. All related to drugs and the actions those drugs manipulated the people into doing.

I realized coming to Narconon was the best route for me. I mean, I was at rock bottom dragging my teeth across the floor and still progressively worsening.

“I ultimately knew I was in the right environment
to become my true self again.”

I knew a change had to be made. I went to Narconon and I was optimistic about the situation. I knew I didn’t have to conceal anything from anyone and for once in a long time, I felt like I was in the right place—a place where I could be myself and I didn’t have to be someone I wasn’t. I ultimately knew I was in the right environment to become my true self again.

I would talk to my family and as each day went by I knew the bond we once had was starting to change for the better and they would tell me how proud of me they were. It was awesome. Something I have been searching for, for so long, since I was 17.

I can honestly say it is a better feeling than any drug I have ever done in my life. I have become someone I always knew I was deep down—an honest, trustworthy, reliable, and caring individual. I am happy with myself and for the most part I am happy to be alive.

I never cared much when I was using if I were alive or dead, but Narconon changed that. Narconon made me realize that life is worth living, that there are ways to solve problems you have in your life rather than resorting to a needle and some type of drug, to deal with it temporarily.

If you were to ask me if there was a way out of the hell you’re in from using I can honestly tell you today that becoming sober is the best thing you can do.

Being able to get a good night’s sleep, not waking up with aches and pains and being able to breathe in a fresh breath of air. Telling yourself ”this is a new day, I’m going to look at it in a new way” is the most accomplishing and gratifying feeling you can give yourself.

Narconon is different than most any rehabilitation program out there. It’s not a 12- step, it’s not saying you have a disease, it is simply finding out in every aspect of your life why you are the way you are.

To anyone that has a thought of going to Narconon, I highly recommend it.

—Narconon Graduate