How Addicts Use Suboxone to Keep Using Heroin

Addicts exchanging Suboxone with heroin

Suboxone along with other drug replacement programs, though not providing a permanent solution provides a substantial amount of relief to family members. From dealing with substance abusers over the last several years I have run into the same situation over and over.

The parents pushing on them needing addiction treatment and them saying they are getting suboxone. Though their story doesn’t match up with what the parent sees. The money problems continue along with their strange behavior. They still seem like they are using.

What parents don’t realize is that addicts are really resourceful and they will find away. This is what was going on in these situations that I have run into. The addict was selling their suboxone to buy heroin and other opiates.

They would hold on to one or two to make sure they don’t get sick and sell the rest to get high. All the while having their parents convinced they were just using suboxone. If you have a loved one who is acting like they are still high when they should be on suboxone be aware of this.

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Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.