The Staff Are Like No Other Rehab I’ve Been to

Happy woman
(To preserve privacy, the photo does not show an actual Narconon student or graduate.)

I have been in and out of rehabs for 14 years and have had no success. I have been forced into rehabs a few times and there have been times when I went on my own. It only takes a few days after rehab for me to go right back to using again. It’s a huge disappointment to my family and to myself.

Before I came to Narconon, my life had really hit bottom. I was doing things that I never thought or even imagined I would do. I became a complete monster. I was ashamed of myself. Not only was I a monster, but I looked emaciated and felt completely lost. My whole life was falling apart and I had to act quickly to stop it from totally crumbling. My family never lost hope in me and thankfully found Narconon. I knew I had to come, so I did.

When I arrived here, I immediately felt a good energy. I felt so comfortable and the staff were extremely helpful and met my every need. Day by day, I felt better and better. I got brighter and brighter every day and finally was able to get back on my feet. I have accomplished so much since I’ve been here and with each accomplishment, I have felt better and better—more confident with each hurdle. I got so much out of each part of the program.

Doing the Ethics Conditions really sticks out for me. Everything really ties together and starts making sense. When I completed them, I told the Ethics Officer that I felt like a kid again. It was really amazing!

The staff here are like no other rehab I’ve ever been to. They are incredible! These are real people that can relate to your issues because most likely they have gone through it, too. The students really helped me get through the program as well. I have better friends here than I have ever had in my life. This program is simply amazing from every aspect. People really do care and that is the difference between handling and solving the problems I had.

I am extremely fortunate that I was able to experience this. This program has honestly saved my life. I came in with the attitude that I’ve been living life on my terms, doing things my way, and they haven’t worked. It is time to try something new. I really feel blessed!

Z.L.—Narconon Graduate

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