Overcoming It All

Randy Narconon Graduate

This program has saved my life.

I came here a selfish, depressed victim, and junkie who wanted nothing more than to die.

My life was completely out of control and was almost cut way too short. Coming here was my last hope.

Each step helped me: First, no more suicidal thoughts; then happy and appreciative of myself; and finally, I completed the program an honest, ethical, responsible, confident, respectful, considerate, enthusiastic woman who absolutely loves herself.

“I have never been this happy in my entire life.”

I am finally no longer consumed by an eating disorder and I have absolutely no concerns or worries about ever turning back to drugs again. I am able to confront and handle anything I run into in life and maintain the control I have now.

I have never been this happy in my entire life and thanks to this program, I am going to stay this way.

— Narconon Graduate