Narconon Helps Addicts Regain Trust

Man drinking bottle in front of family

“I’ll never trust him again.”

That’s a line frequently heard from jaded family members and friends of addicts. They’ve learned the hard way that lying is an integral part of addiction—the drug user has to lie to be able to continue his drug use.

He (or she) has to lie to the police and his community, his closest friends and family members. That’s because if anyone found out the extent of his habit, they would try to stop him. They would not allow him to destroy himself that way if they knew he was doing it.

The typical addict has built an entire house of carefully constructed deception. Eventually, inevitably, this house topples like a deck of cards. And when it topples, he’s surrounded by friends and family who once supported him. However, now they find his word to be absolutely worthless.

Friends, family members, loved ones, coworkers, bosses, teachers, people he used to rely on for support and guidance now won’t even talk to him. And the pressure, frustration and disappointment that results from such ostracization drive the addict to take even more drugs.

The lies and deception that allow the addict to continue his habit worsen his problems with loved ones and his community and drag him down further with every lie. Eventually, the drug abuser can’t hide the drug use anymore. When the truth is finally revealed, he’s left with no one he can trust and no one who trusts him.

The Narconon program offers a step-by-step program that not only teaches a person how to make sober decisions, it also teaches how to regain the trust of those one has betrayed. This is a necessity if you’re going to put a sober life back together.

It’s vital for our clients to gain the communication skills they need to put things back on track. There’s a training course specifically designed to instill these skills in each person on the program. Gaining these skills is the first step toward addressing and repairing relationship problems.

Each person also learns how any difficult situation can be turned around—even situations where you have lost the trust of those you love. It’s also vital for each person to regain his own self-respect. Once a person has his own personal integrity back, he has the strength he needs to begin to rebuild these relationships.

Each of these smaller accomplishments and skills that are learned adds up to a person who understands how to successfully live a sober life. That’s when a person is ready to go back home and restore his friendships within the family and out in the community.

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