Mackenzie Phillips Gets Clean Through Narconon Program

Mackenzie Phillips

A well-known Hollywood actress is finally able to overcome life-long addiction.

At a very young age, Mackenzie Phillips was introduced to the world of drug addiction.

“I kind of grew up on television. I was what they call a child star,” said Mackenzie. “I also grew up in a family that used and abused drugs. My dad was a rock star in the ’60s. Drugs were the norm in my family.”

Despite the fact that Mackenzie watched as the people close to her struggled with addiction, it did not deter her from using drugs.

Instead Mackenzie’s drug use increased and as a result, crept into her professional life. She was unable to maintain her professional career and was finally asked to leave her role on the television show “One Day At a Time.”

She continued to use drugs and went in and out of rehabs until one day Mackenzie finally found a solution to her problem—the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

“I came to Narconon Louisiana addicted to heroin and cocaine, having just been bailed out on felony drug possession charges,” said Mackenzie. “I felt like my life was over. I’d had ten years clean time in the past but I felt defeated by my relapse.”

Once Mackenzie arrived at Narconon Louisiana, she was given the opportunity to break free from her past. “At Narconon Louisiana, I was welcomed into a family of amazing people who truly cared about me. I was given the opportunity to repair past difficulties, under the caring and watchful eye of the staff. The program has given me the freedom to move forward into my future, a future I did not think I had,” explained Phillips.

The way the Narconon program achieved this is by handling both the physical and mental aspects of addiction.

A sauna detoxification program eliminated the residues of past drug use left in the body, thereby reducing physical drug cravings.

The second half of the Narconon program is a series of life skills courses which restore an individual back to a productive, ethical, contributing member of society while raising the abilities of the individual.

Founded in 2006, Narconon Louisiana has helped hundreds of people achieve a life of sobriety. The Narconon program itself has a 50-year history of helping the addicted leave drugs and alcohol behind.

Today, Mackenzie has proudly achieved sobriety through the Narconon Louisiana program.

She said, “This is the beginning of my life. I’ve learned who I am and what I am and I like what I’ve found out about myself. I can now move forward with my life, letting the past remain behind me and that means that life is new and I am new. I’ll never forget my time [at Narconon].”