Yippie, This Feels Great!

CJ Narconon Graduate

I learned so much during this program. I came in broken and felt as if I had nowhere to go. The first month was the most difficult for me to get through. After that first month, I really started thinking clearly and had my energy back. Then while going through the life skill courses, I started realizing things about myself and my past actions. These courses allowed me to take a good look at these actions. I learned a lot about why I acted the way I did and the proper steps to take to be a positive member of society.

My favorite and the most rewarding part of the program was part teaching formulas to solve problems. I pinpointed certain parts of my life that I believe started me down the road to disaster.

After making it through the program, I feel like a completely different person. I really have no worries leaving here. I have no doubt that I will be successful and now have the confidence and drive to obtain whatever I choose in life. I can now be the father that I know I can be and give my family their son back.

Thank you to all of the staff here. You all are so dedicated and I know that you truly care about each and every student. Yippie, this feels great!

—CJ Narconon Graduate