Narconon You Saved My Life

BC Graduate

I want to take this time to tell everyone my story… In August of 2013 I was in a bad place. I used drugs in massive amounts didn’t care about my life, my son or anything else. I was at the end of tolerance for life. I use to stare at clocks because I couldn’t wait for one moment to pass so it would just be over and that was one moment less I had to live. Life was a struggle. I hated every single day. I was a slave to drugs and stuck in a prison of my own making. I tried rehab before and decided it didn’t work and wasn’t for me.

I knew someone who went to a place called Narconon, a non-12 step drug rehab. I told myself this was it – after this I was done. I wasn’t going to spend my life trying to get sober. If sober was miserable, I would rather be high. So I went to treatment again…

This place was different; non-12 step and I was super skeptical, because nothing had worked before. So my journey began and now, here I am….. it worked! I’ve been sober, but more importantly I’m happy! I go to bed happy at night and wake up the same way. It’s unbelievable that I could have such a perfect life by simply applying the things I learned at Narconon to my daily life.

I am a great mom, I have a wonderful son and I am now a CNA and Withdrawal Specialist at Narconon. I have a dream career to be able to help people through a drug withdrawal when it’s something I had experienced first hand too many times. This is my story of how I went from a miserable person to a happy, productive member of society.

Thank you to everyone at Narconon, you saved my life. If you or anyone you know has a drug or alcohol addiction and are seeking help, Inbox me.