I Couldn’t Have Turned My Life Around Without Narconon


It is almost hard to remember my life before Narconon. Before, my life was in complete peril, I was totally lost and so knee deep in my drug habit that I had almost lost the desire to live. My confidence in myself was totally nonexistent and every hour of everyday was a mental nightmare.

I had totally isolated myself from my friends, family, work, and any type of social interaction was almost always fake. I finally woke up one day and realized I had to make a change. Finding Narconon was a total blessing and after only a few days on the Narconon campus, I knew I had found the place to help me be me again.

Although it wasn’t always easy, taking responsibility for my life was a simple but incredibly hard concept for me to actually do, it wasn’t long before my confidence came back, and stronger than ever. For me, it was an issue of regaining my confidence. Throughout the program it became more and more apparent that I had lost my way because of my insecurities. Now I’m more confident than I’ve ever been, which has lead to success in all aspects of my life, something that I had never known before.

I tackle everyday with assurance in myself and what I know I can do. Life is enjoyable again, my family life has never been better and I have no desire to ever pick up drugs again because I have the confidence I need without them.

I couldn’t have turned my life around without the help from Narconon. I can finally go through life happily and healthy and life has never been easier.​