I Have a Clean Slate Now

Mike Narconon Graduate

Before coming to Narconon LA, life was a downward spiral and getting worse by the day.

I was constantly putting meth and heroin through my veins just to function and if I didn’t have the means to get any, I would do whatever it took to get the fix I needed. My life was being controlled by drugs.

I burned bridges with friends and family, left and right. Living unethically and digging a pit for myself to die in at a young age.

I had been to four other rehabs before Narconon Louisiana, but all were lacking what I needed to solve this problem. It took four months of persistent effort to get me to Narconon.

As much as I knew I had to deal with the problem, the idea of kicking again and experiencing that kick in Louisiana was out of the question in my eyes. Now, I am glad I did it, even though it took me a good 3 months to realize.

“I have found myself, who I really am—and I love that person. It feels a million times better than drugs made me feel.”

When I finished sauna I felt great. During the steps that followed, I learned a lot about controlling my actions and that I can be in control of myself all of the time. That realization has kept me going every day.

Before Narconon, I thought things just happened. Now I know that what I put out is what’s coming back to me and that affects everything and everyone around me.”

I feel I got the most out of the Life Skills courses because the one-on-one counseling that followed it wouldn’t have been as effective. The counseling gave me a clean slate from my past and I was able to pinpoint specific points in my life where I went off the rails. I was able to realize the truth of who I am.

I don’t feel like I have changed but that I have found myself, who I really am—and I love that person. My behavior is different in the best way possible but I am still myself and it feels a million times better than drugs made me feel.”

Mike—Narconon Graduate