Becoming the Dad I Always Wanted to Be

Before coming to Narconon, I was just living my life for the next high. I had been in the methadone clinic for many years while using, selling, and cooking meth. I was at a point where I wished each tomorrow would be my last. My family had been trying to get me to go into treatment for years. I was a father who had two beautiful identical twin daughters, although at the time, I was anything but what a father is supposed to be.

My involvement in drugs landed me in jail. Finally after years of my family pushing me to get help, I asked for it. By this time, my mom and dad were fed up with me. They agree to help me after I detoxed off of methadone in jail. Once I was through the worst of my detox, a month and a half later they helped me. By this time, it really set in how much of a horrible person and father I had been. I knew I had to change because my daughters who were innocent in all of this would not stand a chance without me. So I was bailed out of jail and sent off to Narconon Louisiana.

In the Narconon program, I changed quite a bit. After the Narconon New Life Detoxification step I begin to sleep, laugh, and be happy again. I made true sober friends and experienced that the staff really does care about all of the students.

Since I did the program, I have had much better relationships with my family. I thought my parents had given up on me and I will forever be in debt to them for getting me help and dealing with all I have put them through. I am now an active father and in good standing with my family.

Certainly Narconon gave me a positive sober outlook on life and now I am happy. I am looking forward in life and not dwelling on my past failures and addiction. I now can live my life clean and be happy which I never, ever thought I could do. Now I have goals and a reason to live my life clean and that is to be a good father and love my kids so I can give them the childhood my parents gave me.

I feel if I did not come to Narconon when I did, I would not be alive today. This program and all of the staff saved my life and gave me the tools I need to be a happy, successful person and a father my kids will be proud to say that’s my dad. If Narconon could help me, they can help anyone.