Drug Rehab Program Works!

Women on top of the world

Sometimes there are experiences in one’s life that are difficult to explain in words. This is such an experience.

Upon my arrival at Narconon Louisiana, I had certain expectations of what I was going to do, what I was going to accomplish, and what was going to change for me. I can’t say that my hopes have always been reached and surpassed—but I can say that about this program.

“This rehab program gave me the means to get myself clean and to say clean forever.”

I knew I wanted to get off of drugs but didn’t how to do it. This rehab program gave me the means to get myself clean and to say clean forever. When I figured out why I used drugs in the first place, I was blown away! Then, when I realized that I could get myself to a point where that reason no longer applied I was filled with hope.

After that, things just started falling into place. I found what I want to do with my life. My family and friends are important to me again and I am back in communication with them. My ethics are in.

I can’t give enough praise to the staff. Never have I met a group of such ethical, positive people who really care about the survival of others. I feel so honored to be given the opportunity to join that group.

Narconon Louisiana saved my life. It gave me hope, happiness and an inner peace I have never previously known.

Thank you so much!

D.H. —Narconon Graduate