Thank You to My Family and Narconon

JR—Narconon Graduate

Before coming to Narconon Louisiana I was a mess. I was shooting dope and partying all day, every day. I was hanging out with terrible people who were criminals and didn’t contribute anything to society. It was a terrible life that was not constructive and wasn’t who I actually was.

It came to a point that I didn’t care about my life or the lives of others and I would screw anyone over to get heroin. At that time, I knew I needed help but didn’t know how to tell my family. They thought I was doing great after leaving rehab a year prior. Unfortunately I was worse than I had ever been and was heading towards death. I was constantly having close calls with police, getting pulled over with large amounts of drugs and weapons. Luckily they never searched me or my car and always let me go with a ticket. Someone was looking out for me and didn’t want me to rot in jail.”

I realized I was just waiting to OD and die or end up in prison for a long time. Then one day, enough was enough. I decided I was done living that way. I finally found the courage to tell my mom I needed help and she called Narconon Louisiana to get me into rehab.”

When I got there it was great. The staff where all genuinely caring and they made coming off drugs easy for me. Going through the program gave me a much needed change in my way of thinking. After going through the sauna portion of the program I felt physically amazing and ready for anything. During the next part of the program, I started to work on myself, my problems, and why I decided to start using drugs in the first place.”

I felt great after all this and liked myself again. I had regained the person I was before doing drugs and was ready to accomplish anything in life. Coming to Narconon was the best decision I ever made. I am happier than ever with my life now and have restored the relationship with my family.”

—JR Narconon Graduate