They Helped Me Get My Life Back

P1100304I started using drugs at the age of 15 and realized it was an easy way out of responsibilities. Using drugs made it easier to not care about the important things in life, which at the time I didn’t want to confront. Every year my drug use got worse and worse and as I grew older, I tried different drugs that would make it easier and easier to not care about being responsible or ethical.

I hurt my family, friends, basically stopped living and wasn’t really there. After hiding my drug use was no longer possible, my family knew I needed help and I knew it too. I went through several 12 step programs and my sobriety would last for a couple of months and then I would run in to a problem or not know how to confront something and go back to the solution that always worked for me, using drugs.

Finally, my family found Narconon. Narconon helped me to address the problems in life that I never wanted to confront.  They helped me get back to the person I was before I started using drugs.  They helped me get my life back and saved me from destroying it.  I finally found the purpose in life that I have been searching for and I could not be happier.