Runner’s High and Drug-Free For Life

Narconon Graduate at Marathon for Advocating Sobriety

Early Sunday morning, cold rain was coming down on a crowd of onlookers as the annual Woman’s Half Marathon event took place. The event is held every year to highlight women’s health, and the money it raises supports local hospitals. The half marathon loops around downtown Baton Rouge and was especially grueling this year due to the abnormally cold weather and bone-chilling rain.

Despite the environmental hardship, more than 700 runners—both male and female—ran the 13.1-kilometer course to the encouragement of onlookers. The finish line was draped in pink and a DJ welcomed the runners in. Many of the attendees wore costumes which added to the festive air.

One of the runners, Elizabeth Stanley, a staff member at Narconon New Life Retreat, had a special reason for running in the marathon. She wanted to show all those around her what a drug-free life can be like. Running in the half marathon, Elizabeth proves that recovery from addiction isn’t just about not using drugs anymore. No, it’s about living life to the fullest.

Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy. Drugs rob us of our motivation and destroy our dreams for the future. Running a marathon isn’t something most of us will ever do, even without drugs. But for Elizabeth, running has become a part of her new drug-free life.

Elizabeth chose Narconon for her own recovery. The Narconon rehab program focuses on helping a person handle the underlying causes of addiction. While some programs consider addiction a mental disorder, Narconon is different. The philosophy of this program is that anyone has the power within themselves to overcome addiction.

The life skills section of the rehab program teaches each person in recovery the strengths and abilities they need to build a new life. Thus Narconon graduates can return home to live happy, successful lives free from addiction to drugs and alcohol. As Elizabeth regained her interest in life and ability to pursue goals, she renewed her interest in running.

Since 2006, Narconon New Life Retreat has provided effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation to hundreds of people who have returned home to prosper and enjoy productive lives once again.