This Is What Hope Looks Like

Over a year ago this father of four graduated the Narconon program. Now he shares one of the many ways he has grown as a person with his nine-year-old daughter.
MK Narconon Graduate and family

“Not long ago, my nine-year-old daughter was bullied by another girl. I found out that girl’s parents were going through a divorce. My daughter and I agreed that the girl was likely confused, scared and sad because of her parent’s divorce. We talked about how a person’s actions are often affected by the events in our life. I cautioned my daughter that our behavior may create problems and lead to poor choices which make life more and more difficult. It seemed very possible this confused little girl could wind up with a very bad self-image, substance abuse issues or worse.

“The following day, I was thinking about our discussion and what I’d learned during my time at Narconon. My parents divorced when I was young and my addiction problems began not long after. I managed to survive and cope while my substance abuse continued to escalate. I continued to live this way for nearly 33 years, until I found myself on the verge of losing everything I loved and valued in my life.

“Suddenly I realized that I came very close to putting my daughter and my other three children in the exact same position I found myself in years ago. If I hadn’t escaped the downward spiral, their lives would have been thrown into confusion and fear. As a result, they may have chosen the same path I chose to deal with the pain.

“The knowledge I gained at Narconon helped me understand not only why I had chosen my destructive path, but also how to avoid making the same mistakes and resist the temptation of an easy ‘fix’ for my pain.

“Today I have lived nearly a year free from drugs and alcohol. My wife and I communicate easily and constantly. My children are happy and well-adjusted, living life in a whole and healthy family. Narconon put me on a course to gain the trust of my family and gave me back my health, my sanity and a rational awareness of my reality.”

—MK Narconon Graduate