True Stories Of Recovery

Drug Addiction Had Destroyed Mark’s Life

Using the tools he learned in the Narconon program, Mark has overcome his addiction and is living a drug-free life.

Before coming to the Narconon program, Mark was in serious trouble. He found himself in jail facing charges that could have sent him to prison. Once he was out of jail, he ran away from his family and used to drugs to cover up the discomfort he was feeling. Fortunately, Mark found the New Life Retreat and the Narconon program and overcame the odds to find a happy, drug-free life.

As part of his life skills training on the Narconon program, Mark gained the ability to deal with the world around him and remain comfortable, no matter what the situation. This ability more than any other helped Mark to repair his relationships with his family and handle his legal issues. In the past, Mark would have run from these areas. Now he can face them without the need for drugs or alcohol to mask the pain.

The Narconon program based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard is designed to restore abilities lost to drug addiction. The ability to confront life on a daily basis is often one of the first abilities addiction takes away. This rehab program helps a person rebuild the abilities needed to successfully deal with life’s problems. When life can be enjoyed, then there is no need for drugs or alcohol.

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