Narconon Long Term Success – Alex

Meet Alex, a graduate of the Narconon Program who has been living a happy, healthy and sober life for more than three years since graduating the Narconon Program.

 “My name is Alex and I used to be a drug addict. I was addicted to opiates and benzodiazepines for almost ten years. I was born and raised in West Palm Beach Florida. I had a pretty normal childhood growing up and was a pretty happy kid. Right before high school I started to run into certain things in life that I simply couldn’t handle or couldn’t figure out a solution to. Around this time I was introduced to drugs and they became a great solution to those issues – or so I thought. I felt like with drugs, I could be more social, more confident, work longer, be happier, and just feel “normal.” All I was actually doing was making it harder and harder to function in life without using drugs.”

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