Who Would You Help?

Narconon Graduates NM and BW

Nick was my first friend when I moved to Florida in 2009. On the first day of school, I found out we had class together and we were both on the basketball team. A few weeks after this point, we were best friends.

That spring is when things started to change. A couple of kids on the basketball team smoked weed and we were asked to try it. After that day, we started hanging out with a different crowd, going to parties, drinking, and trying different drugs. We went from trying drugs once, to getting high and drinking on the weekends, to getting high almost every day. We stopped really doing anything but getting high. At this point, we didn’t really hang out with anyone including each other. We would meet up, get high and then go back to work to pay for more drugs. It was an endless cycle.

At the beginning of 2014 I went to Narconon Louisiana. It changed me and helped me take responsibility for my past conditions and the people involved. One of the people who my addiction affected greatly was my best friend. We did our first drugs together, we tried pain pills together, I introduced him to IV drug use, and suboxone.

I realized that I had a responsibility in Nick’s addiction and after all of these years I knew Narconon would be the only place that could get him REAL help, so I called him.

Narconon gave me the ability to change my life. Without Narconon I would have never been able to make up for what I did. I was proud to see Nick finish the Narconon program and I know he will go out and help others.

—BW Narconon Graduate