Good News for People Struggling with Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction currently affects more than 22 million people in the United States. In Louisiana alone more than 3% of the population have reported use of an illicit drug over a one month period. This is according to the White House Drug Policy who also reports that the majority of drug addicts in the state have reported needing but not receiving drug treatment in Louisiana.

Narconon Louisiana, a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility opened its doors in 2006 as a resource for locals struggling with addiction. In an area that had seen some of the worst devastation in years after Hurricane Katrina, there was no real comprehensive treatment in place for drug use in the state. After eleven years in operation, with nearly 1,000 graduates, Narconon Louisiana has maintained that the people of Louisiana do not have to suffer from addiction without a real treatment for permanent recovery.

First part

First Step of the program

The first part of the Narconon drug rehab program is a drug-free withdrawal, which uses nutrition and special exercises to reduce the physical and emotional pain which typically accompanies withdrawal.

Second part

Sauna Pictures

The second step is the New Life Detoxification, in which a low-heat sauna, exercise and nutritional regimen are used to help Narconon student rid their bodies of the harmful drug residues that store in the fatty tissues. It has been found that these residues can stay in the body years after consumption, occasionally dislodging from the fatty tissue, causing cravings which then lead to relapse.

Third part


The third step of the Narconon program, called the "Objectives," consists of unique exercises that help bring a person's attention off the past and into the present. The purpose of objectives is to bring the person out of the past and into present time—ready and able to face life without resorting to drugs.

Final part

Course Room

The final major step is the Life Skills courses component. Here the student learns the life skills he or she needs to succeed. These are skills that people struggling with substance abuse have often lost sight of—or never had. Effective practice and learning lead to stability and a return of personal values. Just as important, these courses help a person develop the self-control and personal backbone necessary to maintain a drug-free life.

With its drug-free, handling of the physical aspects of the addict’s drug use and its life skill courses giving the student skills and certainty necessary for a drug-free life, the Narconon program is unique in its full address to the challenges facing the student. Narconon does not accept that addiction is a "disease" or that one will always be an addict. Instead, Narconon Louisiana helps its clients overcome the physical and mental barriers that pinned the person to a life of drug or alcohol addiction. Once these issues are fully handled the addict is able to lead a life free from drugs or alcohol.

As the Executive Director of Narconon Louisiana explains:

“An individual will turn to drugs in an effort to solve a problem. Some people don’t feel comfortable in life and that is a problem for them, others will start using drugs to handle a physical pain, while others turn to drugs to handle emotional pain. The point is that everyone has a different reason for choosing drugs.”

He adds that the one thing that they all share in common is that the drugs offer a solution to the problem, and until those problems are exposed and the individual is able to handle them, they will continue to turn to drugs and/or alcohol addiction.

With a substantial majority of its graduates remaining permanently drug or alcohol-free, Narconon Louisiana offers a real treatment for drug addiction.

If you or anyone you know is in need of help please contact Narconon Louisiana.