The Root of Addiction

Root of Addiction

One of the questions that family members of addicts often wonder is, “Why did this happen?” In other words, “What is the root of addiction?”

Some theories suggest that addiction has its roots in our D.N.A. Other ideas include that it is a behavior learned from parents and others. But ideas and opinions are just that: ideas and opinions, unbacked by any evidence.

Actually, the reason for addiction is quite simple.

Your child or your loved one was faced with a problem in his life. He couldn’t solve the problem, so it created confusion for him. This could be anything. It could be nervousness or worries about school or a particular person who was giving him trouble. It could even be the pain from an injury or operation for which prescription drugs were legally and appropriately prescribed.

To escape the pressure of the confusion and the problem, they took a drug. The drug made the problem “go away” for a little while. But after the drug wore off, they needed more to continue to have the problem “solved.”

Eventually, drugs became the “solution” for many of their problems. And as a drug tolerance developed, it took more and more drugs to get the same feeling of “release.”

This is why a person can get mentally addicted to drugs that technically aren’t physically addictive. But what is more, a physical dependence sets in.

Often drug rehab programs attempt to get someone off drugs, by simply “drying them out” and encouraging them to work with a support group to stay away from their addictive substance. Such approaches neglect basic, underlying facts about addiction. Not only is the person left fighting the cravings and the body’s recurrent demand to take more drugs, the person is returned to a world in which he hasn’t resolved the problems and confusions in his life that occurred before he started abusing substances. It is virtually inevitable that the former addict will fall back on using drugs or alcohol when faced with the situations which “drove him to drink” in the first place.

Narconon New Life Retreat in Louisiana is different. For years, New Life Retreat has maintained a high success rate among its graduates because its drug addiction center addresses the entire problem of addiction—including getting down to the root of addiction and helping the addict to eradicate it from his or her life.

If you or your loved one is seeking effective drug rehabilitation, Narconon New Life Retreat is one the best choices you can make. Call a counselor now so we can help you learn more about the program.

Written By Dr. Rohit Adi

Dr. Rohit Adi

When he’s not traveling the world, Rohit can be found at his home base in Baton Rouge, shopping at the farmer’s market or jogging the path surrounding his newly acquired farm. A native of India, he has lived in Chicago, Illinois and Pennsylvania before calling the Deep South his home. His passions are his family, organic gardening and helping others as a Medical Doctor and Addictionologist.