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Welcome to New Life Retreat where recovery from drugs and alcohol is our first and only priority. We feel our unique residential setting away from the stresses of everyday life allows the best possible chance for overall success and lifelong recovery. Our comprehensive approach to treatment is a proven process which treats the underlying issues of addiction, not just the symptoms.

  • One on one attention helps get to the root of addiction
  • Private Insurance may cover some costs and financing is available
  • Life skills teach important tools to prevent relapse and ensure success
  • Physical detoxification removes residuals which may contribute to relapse

“You gave me back my family life, I have never felt this good.


“It handled more than drug and alcohol addiction, it handled every aspect of my life.

A Drug Rehab Program that Works!


Narconon staff are ready to help you overcome your addiction

Recovery at New Life Retreat is a multi-stage process. The first step is a drug-free withdrawal. Here, with the aid of nutritional supplements and exercises to reduce the physical and emotional pains of withdrawal, the student is gotten off of the drugs or alcohol to which he is addicted.

During the next stage, the New Life Detoxification step, the student undergoes a regimen of daily sauna, exercise and nutrition, designed to help the body eliminate toxins stored from past drug use. This is done to stabilize the person and reduce their drug cravings.

The third stage consist of a series of unique exercises called objectives which help bring a person's attention off the past and into the present.

The fourth step consists of three courses which provide the student with valuable life skills. Clients learn to choose who will be in their lives, based on who has a positive influence and to avoid those whose influence is likely to be negative. They also reflect on times when they acted against their own morals, and against those of their family and they learn to recognize, deal with and rectified those actions. And finally they learn skills for assessing and making proper choices and decisions.

Narconon Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center & Facility in Louisiana


The Narconon New Life Retreat drug and

alcohol treatment

center boasts not only an excellent success rate, but a beautiful, serene environment as well. Our long term drug rehab in Louisiana is nestled on 15 wooded acres that include multiple buildings and houses for a relaxed environment with plenty of trees and grass, a pool and recreation facilities.

For more information and pictures, check out our drug rehab facility page.

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Don’t wait, contact us today for more information about this life-saving alcohol and drug abuse treatment center program. Find out how our individualized addiction treatment approach has helped people permanently recover. The Narconon New Life Retreat has helped hundreds of graduates from Louisiana and all over the U.S. lead drug free lives.

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