Never Give Up Hope

Before I came to Narconon, I was stuck in this false sense of survival. I remember thinking that I was doing good for myself, but I wasn’t, then I realized that there had to be a change.

I got to Narconon and I was pretty skeptical about the program. Every step of the program, I tried to fight it, thinking nothing was going to help. Here I am now though and I have never been happier in my life. This is not just some false sense of happiness you get from a drug.

I now feel confident not only in myself but my ability to maintain a happy, successful drug-free life. To anyone who has no hope of making it out alive, don’t give up, there’s always a chance for a new start on life, you just have to believe.

Narconon has helped me out in so many ways, I couldn’t thank everyone enough. I feel the program does work, you just have to have faith in it and never give up hope.