Feelings of Guilt Overwhelm Addicts During Holiday Season

Adult man with his hand on his face.

Addiction is a long, hard road to travel both for the addict and their loved ones, especially during the holiday season. Anyone familiar with addiction knows that recovery is met with several different barriers along the way. One such barrier is the feelings of guilt that an addict will experience that cause them to use more drugs and/or alcohol and that make it seem impossible to achieve permanent recovery from addiction.

Prior to becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs an individual is basically good. They know right from wrong, they have morals, and they want to do the right thing. When a person is faced with a problem they can easily turn to drugs or alcohol as a solution. This is how an addiction usually begins. Then, because of the addictive qualities of drugs the person continues to use them more and more. The second an individual begins abusing drugs and alcohol they go against everything they know to be right. So begins the downward spiral of feeling guilty for using, and then using drugs or alcohol to numb the feelings of guilt. During the holiday season feelings of guilt can overwhelm an addict.

They are forced to look at the damage they’ve created and as a solution, they will use more and more drugs or alcohol in an effort to not have to face this. “The more the individual uses drugs, the guiltier they feel so the more they have to keep using,” explains the Executive Director of Narconon Louisiana. “And being around loved ones which should be a joyous and happy time turns into a nightmare for those with substance abuse issues because they are constantly reminded of their wrong-doings. This is evident with the increased amount of calls from upset family members during the holiday season,” he adds. “For many families, it becomes obvious that the addict is not functioning well, and is in need of drug rehabilitation.” The good news is that there are programs out there, like Narconon, that can really end this cycle for good and help someone successfully overcome their addiction.

Located just outside of Baton Rouge, Narconon Louisiana is a drug rehab program that helps addicts shed the layers of guilt that force him to continue to use drugs and alcohol. Narconon students learn how to take responsibility for their misdeeds, as well as learning how to move forward and focus on the present, as opposed to the past.

Narconon Louisiana does not subscribe to the idea that addiction is a disease. Instead, they show an individual how they are responsible for their condition in life, and then help them to take steps to change that condition.

Feelings of guilt no longer have to prevent an addict from getting help during the holiday season. Allowing an individual to live their life free from drugs and alcohol starts with enrolling them in a successful drug rehab program. If you or anyone you know is in need of help please call Narconon Louisiana today.