Twenty-two Percent of Full Time College Students Currently Use Illicit Drugs

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration survey results show that in 2010, twenty-two percent of full-time college students reported currently using illicit drugs.

College students

It does not seem to matter that most of these kids are on the road to success, drug addiction seeps in through the cracks of any school. Younger children, unfortunately, are no less susceptible to the inflow of illicit drugs. A ten-year-old boy in San Antonio, Texas is reported as saying, “They (the 5th and 6th graders) bring them to school every day. They bring that pot and that cocaine all the time.” Is it any wonder that so many 18-25-year-olds are drowning in drug addiction?

By the time most addicts are in their 20’s and 30’s, they have been abusing drugs for years. Many of them since the ages of 11-13 years old! The damage that they have managed to do to their lives in that time is staggering. A drug addict destroys his body, family, relationships, career, finances, friendships, belongings, and his mental health as he goes down the drain during his drug addiction. If he is lucky enough to still be alive and not be in prison then he has a chance to kick start his life. How can someone who has fallen so far due to drug addiction come back up for air?

Narconon Louisiana offers some of the best treatment for drug addiction. An addict starts abusing drugs for a reason. No amount of meetings or awareness that drugs are “bad” can resolve that original problem; the addict always goes back to their “solution.” Relapse, jail, overdose, divorce, child custody issues, depression and anxiety, suicide attempts, malnutrition, bankruptcy, self-hatred, and hopelessness are all the results of drug addiction. By the time an addict goes to treatment he or she is beaten up by the life they have chosen. At this point, they need someone to help them long enough to rebuild and get healthy. Narconon Louisiana addresses every facet of a person’s addiction and recovery. This includes getting them physically healthy and also facing whatever problems they began using drugs over in the first place. Give yourself or a loved one another shot at life by learning more about our drug rehab program.

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Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.