Addicts Learn to Reconnect


“I know I had a problem with connecting to people when it came to acknowledging them and really focusing on the conversations. I would find myself constantly asking ’what’ because I missed an important fact because I never stayed in present time. I would constantly just go with the motions never really focusing on what was in front of me. Objectives has unlocked what I feel like is a new super power I never knew I had. Before my addictions, I was extremely detailed and basically knew everything or was quick enough mentally to figure out how to solve problems with ease.

“After doing Objectives, I have regained that back and then some. I can be my past self with upgrades in human interactions. It has been a long road with this step that I am glad I walked and didn't try too fast by driving! There are flowers and rocks along the road. Pot holes and cracks in the concrete. In the distance past the mist (which was once a heavy fog) I can see a road untraveled. A road that has fresh paint lines waiting for me to explore. With every individual I meet or place I visit, an exit shall appear. With every day that I am alive a mile marker will become visible. All I have to do is clear the mist. Then I will be prepared to continue my travels confronting my obstacles all while enjoying myself and just simply be there.

“Thanks for your time, Objectives.

“Love, Narconon Grad”

To find out more about the Objectives step of the Narconon program, read the description here.

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Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.