Becoming a Better Me

L.J., Narconon Graduate
L.J., Narconon Graduate

When I first came to Narconon, I was a little nervous, sad, and on a roller coaster of emotions. I remember looking at the campus, and I didn’t like it at all because I had this fear and nervousness inside of me. My family, the staff, and I walked back to the car, and they asked me what I thought. I looked at my mom, dad, uncle, and cousin. Inside I was saying no, but my mouth said yes. My family started getting my stuff out of the car while I was sitting outside of the car door crying. Although, deep down, I knew I needed help.

I walked into withdrawal, and the first person I met was the withdrawal specialist, who had an enormous impact on me. When I first came in, I had no appetite at all, but I ended up enjoying my first day. We watched fireworks by the pool and had a good rest of the night, laughing and being silly. The next four days in withdrawal, it hit me, “I’m here, in rehab,” and I was coming off of spice. I cried and cried and was in my head 24/7, but then the spice left my body. When I got out of withdrawal, I was emotionally and mentally unstable, and I was a constant live wire when I got mad or sad. I didn’t know how to control my emotions or deal with other people.

My experience in sauna [New Life Detox] was quite eventful. I was very excited to do sauna in the beginning, but after one week, I started having a hard time. I was always mad, sad, and angry. The staff helped me get through my emotions, and I was finally done after several weeks. After sauna, I felt alive, alert, and refreshed. It was a phenomenal experience.

The next step in my program was Objectives. I was ready to learn all the tools I needed to live a drug-free life. Objectives taught me how to use my mind peacefully and caused me to have amazing realizations about my life and the things I have done. Objectives have made my mind grind its gears to work again. I learned how to speak to others, how to keep my patience, and how to be familiar with my body and all of my surroundings. It also has taught me how to listen to people. From Objectives, I felt like my brain could work again, not just some parts like it used to but all of it. I had such an amazing time in Objectives.

The next part of my program was life skills, where I learned the skills to live life. Throughout my whole life skills journey, I confronted every single one of my problems and was absolutely honest with my family. I ended the relationship I was holding onto.

During life skills, I figured out where all of my problems came from and found my true self. I learned to be comfortable in my skin and morphed into a new person. Then I wrote about this new person, and l made it known to my family and wrote about the old me, just to see how and why I never want to be the old person ever again. I may have over-thought a lot of tasks life skills have taught me, but I would catch myself and conquer the tasks through and through.

“Through the whole Narconon program, I have found myself to be the new successful person I am today, who is totally different and changed. I didn’t feel this amazing, even before I started doing drugs in my life.”

Through the whole Narconon program, I have found myself to be the new successful person I am today, a person who is totally different and changed. I didn’t feel this amazing, even before I started doing drugs. During my program, I felt like giving up, and I would say multiple times throughout my program, “I want to go home.” I destroyed the “giving up” person who was inside of me because if I had given up, I wouldn’t have been failing just my family but also myself. This entire program has entirely changed me. I couldn’t be who I am today without the help of my family and the staff members at Narconon, that have deeply impacted my life in such an amazing and positive way. They sat down with me and found any problems I had, and gave me the tools to solve them.

I finally have my entire life back! Thank you all, Narconon staff!

L.J., Narconon Graduate


Alina Snowden

Originally from Kentucky, Alina decided after changing her life that she wanted to help others understand the dangers of addiction and help families know what to do if their loved one is struggling. She now writes articles to spread awareness and positivity about how those with addiction problems can turn their lives around.