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Picture a room with hospital staff and individual booths where addicts can go to use heroin under medical supervision. This has already been done in several countries across the world including Germany, Spain, Australia, and France.

San Francisco is working on opening the first heroin injection sites in the United States. This controversial decision comes after years of a worsening heroin problem in that city.

The idea arose not only from the damage to lives in the San Francisco area but also damage to public areas. Haphazardly discarded syringes in public places became a large public health issue. While the mayor was originally skeptical of this approach, he stated that over time and having the benefits explained to him, it became a clear decision.

"If I have health experts on site, then it is not about free injections. They are about reducing hard on a long term sustainable basis. That is what I am supportive of." 

San Francisco Mayor, Ed Lee

Should legal injection cites be allowed in the United States?

While harm reduction may or may not be a way to help communities across our country, ultimately treatment of the underlying issues of each addict is the only way to truly solve the drug epidemic we are facing in this country. The Narconon program has helped thousands to take their life back from addiction and achieve long lasting happy and sober lives.

“This program saved my life, and made me the best person I have ever been. If I kept doing what I was doing before I did the Narconon program,  I would be dead or in jail by now.”   - Narconon Graduate

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Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.