Narconon Graduate Becomes Author

Nick Author and Narconon Graduate

When I first arrived at Narconon, Nick helped me get through the sauna portion of the program. He was a big part of my recovery. He helped me feel more comfortable in a place with people I didn't know. I am very excited to announce that he sent the staff here at Narconon a copy of his new book, "So Marvelously Far" a collection of poems about recovery. I am far from the only person Nick helped during his time working at Narconon, Louisiana. Here is the letter he sent and a few of his poems.

Dear Narconon Family,
My name is Nick Gardner, and I went through your program a few years back (I’m sure some of you remember). I am proud to say that I am living a clean, enjoyable life without drugs. I am working toward an MFA degree in fiction writing with a teaching fellowship in Northern Ohio.
I began writing this book of poetry about my recovery back in 2015, and it was finally published in November 2019. I want to make sure you have a copy whether it goes on a bookshelf or in a desk drawer or filing cabinet, I feel like a big part of this book originated from my time at Narconon. So, a copy belongs there. Thanks for your help, and I hope you find something meaningful in these poems.
Best, Nick Gardner

New Life

I used to wear this city like a grin

in the morning, biking to work, and cup

after cup of coffee. Working hard is

a low-budget lifestyle, little time off for

comparison, analyses, saving

for a home. The evening settles into

a dusk of broken-in cross-trainers you

don't want to take off. It's so comfortable

reading a book till you dream and wake, start

and relax. Striding the street in those cool

General Electric shadows, flying

a breezy kite into the ground with friends

I forget I haven't seen for over a year.

Have I replaced myself, or only repaired?



I remember shooting up and shiver,

shake for the cold prod, the hypodermic

warm blanket of blood wrapping itself

around the waist, clutched between the fingers.

The black. The loss of body. In winter

my bones hurt, my stomach turns, Skeletons

haunt my vision in grocery stores, walking

Diamond Street, nodding in the driver seat.

Remember, to some the earth is darkness,

a dug hole opened to swallow bodies,

robes of dirt, tucking the dying into

earthworm sheets. A hungry child calls for mom

who has left him only her unsculpted statue.

Dig past the grace and choke it by the roots.

I hope you enjoyed Nick's work as much as we do. These and many other poems are available in his book

"So Marvelously Far". If you are interested in buying Nicks new book, you can buy it here:

You can read more about Nick and his journey on his website at:



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.