Shocking Solution to Heroin Addiction


“From a mom’s side of a heroin addiction, I hope this article helps lift someone’s spirit or helps them with a direction. I get to see my success story live every day and I pray others get to experience the same.”

—Mother of Narconon Graduate

Unfortunately, many stories these days end in a devastated family instead of happily like this one. Part of the problem is treatment can be very difficult to find. Many parents are thrown into trying to find heroin addiction treatment without almost any prior experience with addiction.

There is a lot to learn and very little time to figure it out with each hour of the day a ticking time bomb living with someone who has an addiction to heroin. Both an overdose or an incarceration are very real threats to the addicted person. Finding the best heroin drug rehab for your loved one in a timely manner is vital.

There are some key points to think about when deciding on a treatment center:

First, the length of treatment is important since more than likely, your loved one has been on the path leading to heroin addiction for some time. So thinking they will solve their problems and get sober and stable in a month or just a few weeks is a bit unrealistic.

Second is finding a treatment center that focuses on your loved one and that doesn't treat everyone the same. Everyone faces their own problems and for this reason, it is important to get a treatment center which helps the person on an individual basis. This would give them one on one attention to address the issues they personally run into.

The third thing to look at the center; are they interested in your concerns and do they care about the person going into their treatment facility. Ideally, this should be true for all treatment centers but with many centers, the opposite may sometimes be the case with over capacity or long waiting lists.

Using the above as a guideline will help you to find a heroin drug rehab that will be the most beneficial for your loved one.



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.