The Ten Worst “Drug Abuse Makeovers”

Drugs physical effects

Drug abuse isn’t pretty or glamorous. You’ve heard it said that drugs can destroy your health and your appearance.

Put it another way: drug abuse and addiction gives you a reverse makeover.

Here are our top ten reasons not to use abuse drugs—in pictures…

Meth addict

This picture shows the effects of meth addiction after only four months.

Addict #8

Even if this woman checks into one of the many drug rehabs around the country, she may never be able to regain her health or vitality.

Meth addict #2

Who knew that seven years could hurt you so much?

Meth addict #4

The problem with drug addiction is that the drugs become the addict’s only concern. He stops taking care of himself or anyone else, for that matter. His health declines. Drug addicts have a significantly lower life expectancy than the rest of the population.

Meth addict #3

It’s a shame that this young lady wasn’t reached with an anti-drug message before she became addicted the crystal meth. We really need to work together to stop drug abuse before more people get hooked and before more young lives are destroyed.

Meth addict #5

While “tweaking,” meth addicts are known to pick at their skin to the point of scarring. They don’t even realize the damage they’ve done until after their “high” wears off. It’s just a shame, really, what drug abuse can do. This is another picture set with a seven year time span. It looks like this man has aged about forty years in that time period.

Meth addict

This picture set took our number one worst drug abuse makeover, because it’s such a stark contrast and in only three years. In the first picture you can still see a sparkle in her eyes. After three years of meth addiction, she said that she felt like a zombie, “the living dead.”

These photos were released by various sheriff’s and police departments from their mugshot records, in an effort to discourage people from using drugs.

Please help us spread the truth about drugs. Take action.

What do you think is the worst drug abuse makeover out of the ten?

Drug abuse makeovers



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.