Addiction Can Impact Anyone

Everyone comes from different walks of life. The United States is a melting pot of different people who have all had different experiences, yet each person faces hardships and is subjected to the same pressures of the world. Now, more than ever, people have turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with these hardships and stresses. This may be particularly confusing for those who are not addicts.

A person who has never experienced addiction firsthand may wonder, “Why don’t they just stop?” or “They chose drugs over their family.” While it is true addiction seems to start with a choice, it becomes a vicious cycle that is hard to escape. Addicts and alcoholics must ultimately be responsible for changing their condition. They are the only ones who can do so.

Yet why are so many these days finding themselves trapped in addiction? Why are so many families losing loved ones to drugs and alcohol? There are many different avenues a person could take when going down the road of addiction. It could be a toxic relationship, losing something of importance, or simply just hanging around a bad crowd. However, no matter the cause, we must approach the topic of addiction with some empathy.

Recently Catherine, Princess of Wales has spoken out saying, “no one chooses to become an addict.” She asked for more compassion from people toward addicts. She also stated “Please do not let shame hold you back from getting the help you so desperately need.” Being critical of someone is not going to help, it is only going to hurt.

The point isn’t how they got addicted, but is to be supportive of their recovery. It is important to know there is no shame is asking for help. Struggling and feeling dependent on something that could kill you creates fear. Being afraid of withdrawal is another common fear amongst addicts. The thing to do is be there for them and don’t judge them. When someone feels judged or criticized by someone they are less likely to want to go to them for help. If you are empathetic and know there is a problem they are trying to solve by using, getting them help will become easier.

Having empathy with someone makes it more likely they will understand where you are coming from. They are more easily able to face the consequences of their choices if someone is being empathetic with them. It doesn’t matter who you are, how you were raised or who raised you. Addiction can effect anyone.

It’s not about you or your self image, it’s about the person in front of you struggling to get through the day. Struggling to keep themselves alive because of how deep they are in this web of addiction. They feel trapped. Having empathy will help you easily communicate with them and give them a safe space to open up. This will then give you the opportunity to open the conversation to them going to treatment.

At Narconon New Life Retreat, we know it is ultimately up to the addict to take steps to get clean. We believe in helping people overcome addiction without labeling them an addict for life. We also know people run into problems and sometimes turn to drugs or alcohol as a solution. Choosing that does not make them less human or less capable of living a productive life. On the contrary, they can improve their condition if they take the proper steps.

Remember that those addicted to drugs or alcohol are fighting a life or death battle and deserve a chance at a drug-free life. If you know someone struggling with addiction, please reach out and see what can be done to help them.

M.S. Narconon Graduate



Alina Snowden

Originally from Kentucky, Alina decided after changing her life that she wanted to help others understand the dangers of addiction and help families know what to do if their loved one is struggling. She now writes articles to spread awareness and positivity about how those with addiction problems can turn their lives around.