After Several Attempts, I Found a Treatment Center that Worked

CR Narconon Graduate

I grew up in Brandon, FL an area outside of plant city. Where I grew up was pretty country, lots of cow fields, and orange orchards. I went to a private school until the fifth grade. I did all right in school, I wasn’t a straight-A student, and I wasn’t a bad student either. When I was in sixth grade, I moved to Orlando, then Miami, and then to Tampa. When I got to Tampa, I was in junior high and then transferred to high school.

My use started with house parties, going along with the crowd. That’s how my experimentation with drugs began. The thing that stuck was alcohol. I drank through high school and then college. When I started my career, drinking followed me.

I worked in the film industry, and that made my use of drugs and alcohol acceptable. As long as I showed up on time and did my work, they didn’t care what I was doing. That just carried into me wanting to use drugs and alcohol more and more until I could barely function in society. This went on for almost two decades of just working, doing drugs and drinking, then back to work. I did this over and over again.

After everything came crashing down, and I had lost friends, jobs, and girlfriends, I finally found Narconon. I had tried several other treatment centers that barely slowed down the direction I had been heading.

The Narconon program though was something completely different from what I had done in the past. I had tried for years going to meetings, going into treatment programs. I was even court-ordered to counseling and meetings. None of this helped me change; it would slow me down for a bit, and then I would go right back to it.

“Now that I have completed Narconon, I have regained my self-worth and overall confidence in being able to live
a positive and flourishing life.”

Now that I have completed Narconon, I have regained my self-worth and overall confidence in being able to live a positive and flourishing life. I was able to sift through the good and bad that has happened in my life, so I could move forward and continue to grow, becoming a better person every day.

Now, I am more aware of my friends and family and how I affected them during my battle with addiction. I was able to start the healing process with all those I care about. I am working to make up for all the things I had done in the past and am working on building a better future for everyone that has been involved with my journey so far.

Learning the overall value of family and loved ones has impacted me more productively and positively of everyday living. Learning to follow through with my responsibilities in life has also been an enormous step. It opened the doors for me, so I can start new and move on from the past.

Everyone I met at Narconon; the students, and the staff have become like a whole second family. Without them, I am not sure if I would have been able to get through facing my past.

C.R.—Narconon New Life Retreat Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.