Free from the Damage My Addiction Caused

NK—Narconon Graduate

I had been a drug addict all my adult life. I started smoking weed when I was thirteen years old and by the time I was sixteen, I was using methamphetamine on a regular basis.

I started dealing meth when I turned eighteen and lived life in the fast lane from that point on.

I attempted to get sober many times throughout the course of my life, but, like a rubber ball, I would bounce up and gravity would pull me back down. Each time I fell lower than I was before.

I was living on the run, constantly looking over my shoulder. I was no longer able to use drugs for fun because I knew my behavior was going to lead me to more drugs or to my grave. I spent countless nights awake. I began to isolate myself from society. I became extremely paranoid and miserable. I used anger to push everyone I loved away including my family and friends. I thought everyone was out to get me.

I came to realize that not only was I making myself crazy, I was actually slowly killing myself. But, lucky for me, just when I felt I had passed the point of no return, my family sent me to Narconon New Life Retreat in Louisiana.

“Narconon gave me a second chance at life that
I thought I would never get.”

Narconon gave me a second chance at life that I thought I would never get. I cannot bring back the 28 years I wasted, but it did set me free from the damage my addiction caused.

In the sauna part of the program, I sweated out all the drugs and toxins from my body. I regained a lot of the energy I thought I would never have without using drugs. My body was replenished of all the vitamins I had lost from staying awake countless nights and not eating. My reflexes became as good as they were before I started using meth. I started to have a normal sleep schedule instead of staying up all night. Overall, I felt good physically.

In the course room, thanks to the objectives and life skill courses, I recovered a huge chunk of my memory. I felt like I could think clearly again. I was no longer stuck in the past but rather I lived in the moment. I became more observant and started appreciating the little things around me. I got to the root of the problems that had ultimately led to my use of drugs. I disconnected from people who were just bringing me down and fixed a lot of relationships I had destroyed in the past. I learned about ethics and what are the right actions to take in order to be truly happy and successful.

Thanks to Narconon, I’ve been given a clean slate and a chance to enjoy the rest of my life.

—NK Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.