From One Fix to Another

“Addiction hopping is common when people come off drugs. Without substances to turn to, they are looking for a way to escape the world, to feel good, feel nothing, or feel some other sensation. Almost anything may be used obsessively; gambling, sex, shoplifting, obsession with weight or appearance, and codependent relationships are some examples. Obsessions can take over someone’s life, in turn becoming destructive.

“Activities done obsessively can become addictions. Society may stigmatize one thing as worse than another, while some may be to easier to hide. Whether socially acceptable or not, they all stem from the same issues.

“Whatever drives one to use drugs does not go away when one stops using, taking drugs out of the equation is the only the first step. Once one is removed from addiction and can think and see clearer, they are then left to address what causes them to latch onto negative coping mechanisms.

Narconon not only helps someone get sober, but it deals with co-occurring issues as well. It gets individuals out of their heads and extroverted, focusing on the present moment rather than the past or even the future. They take responsibility for the things they have done and handle people in their lives who they are close to. They look at behavior patterns and analyze what led their lives to deteriorate into the conditions they did.

“Once someone reconnects with and gets to know themselves better, they can discover what they are trying not to confront through their use of drugs or other addictions. There is always something behind those compulsions. Finding what truly is behind it, prevents the person from addiction hopping.

“Instead of detoxing, panicking, and jumping immediately into something else that may be “better than drugs,” Narconon provides a safe and supportive environment. Freeing yourself from the thoughts and behavior patterns which leads to drugs will free you from the shackles of any and all addictions.”

by Lauren—Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.