Getting Myself Back

Narconon Graduate

“My life used to be consumed by anger and self-medication. I was in and out of jail. I didn’t really think I would ever get better. I thought I would always be stuck where I was in life. I didn’t think I could ever confront or get over the things I had done. For my family and loved ones, I caused nothing but trouble.

“When I first got to Narconon, I was hesitant and not willing to give the program a chance. My mentality was not to take **** from anyone. I was angry and always making excuses for all my actions and blaming others. The staff at Narconon never turned their back on me. They stuck with me through everything I went through and what I threw at them.

“Throughout my stay, I found out who I am as an individual. I realized my ethics were terrible, but I have learned how to be ethical. I am overjoyed I am finally able to be me, who I really am and not the person I thought I was. I realize I don’t have to be the person that I was.

“If you have an addiction problem, no matter what kind, the staff at Narconon will help you to succeed in building a drug-free life. They will go above and beyond to help anyone change their life.”



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.