How Far Would You Go to Get High?

Dog and drugs

It’s early afternoon and withdrawals are beginning to kick in. I used the last of the drugs I had last night and all I can think of now is how to get more. I have no money and nothing left to sell. I am beyond desperate. I will do anything to take this overwhelming feeling of sickness away.

We set boundaries for ourselves we never intend to cross. Then one day the unimaginable happens and that line is crossed. When it comes to drugs, there isn’t much that people wouldn’t do to obtain the fuel that keeps them going. Often, they’re in too deep to care about the consequences of their actions and that doesn’t matter because ultimately the drugs are in control of them, not the other way around.

But how far is too far?

There have been reports of people intentionally hurting their animals. It is beginning to get reported all over the country and is leading veterinarians to take a closer look at the owner. The person goes to the veterinarian hospital to have their pet treated and at the end is given pain medicine. The most commonly prescribed drug at a veterinarian is Tramadol, which is an opioid used for mild pain relief.

Veterinarians began to figure out the latest trend when prescriptions were needing to be refilled much quicker as the owner is taking the prescription along with their pet. If a vet suspects animal abuse, they will choose an alternative drug to help the dog and eliminate the abuse from the owner. Vets are also looking into new clients at their clinic as there are times owners may jump from vet to vet to avoid suspicion.

This is a terrible new evolution in the ever growing opiate epidemic in our country. If you are aware of animal abuse, please contact your local law enforcement. Just as important, if you know of someone abusing drugs—opioid or otherwise—get help for them before it is too late. Helping someone who is abusing drugs can be difficult and they may feel hopeless at times. There is an answer to drug abuse and the pain and suffering it brings. Narconon New Life Retreat has been saving lives and families by helping those afflicted to truly put an end to their addiction. Learn more by reading about the step-by-step process used in the Narconon program and call us today to have your questions answered and get help for those you love.


Cori Kertis, CIT

Growing up in Nevada, she moved to Hawaii by herself at the age of 16. On a trip home to visit grandparents, she was offered a chance at residential treatment. Now over a year sober, Cori lives in Denham Springs and works at Narconon Louisiana helping other addicts who want a new life. LinkedIn: Cori Kertis Google+: Cori Kertis Twitter: @CoriKertis