I Never Thought a Drug Rehab Could Do This

—SW, Narconon Graduate

“When I arrived at Narconon Louisiana, I was desperate and wanted change. I knew I needed help and had lost hope there was anyone or anything capable of repairing the broken me. I never imagined this program or any drug rehab could impact me the way that this has. I was skeptical of each step of the program. The staff helped me set my doubts aside and I got through each day feeling I had gained something. With each gain, I felt empowered and my confidence grew. With that confidence, I have a new determination to keep achieving more.

“I know the steps of this program are the way they are to produce a result—a result like me. I came here unable to control my emotions and feelings. I now have the ability to think before I act. I can rationally handle everyday issues. I have a new understanding of my family and feel equipped to deal with them appropriately. I have a strong desire to apply good ethics in everything that I do. Narconon has saved my life and given my little girl her mom back. I would like to give even a fraction back to what you’ve given me by helping others. I know that I can motivate others to accomplish what I have and more.

“I strongly feel I am capable of effecting positive change and see myself living a healthy and productive life with my family.” —SW, Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.