Learning to Face My Demons

J.M.—Narconon Graduate

I arrived at Narconon in the beginning of October of 2019, and I was indeed someone who was lost and had nothing left to give. After a few days in withdrawal, I stopped kicking and felt a lot better, which was a massive win for me. Once I got out of withdrawal, I couldn’t go to the sauna for a couple of days while I was waiting for medical clearance. Being the new guy, I didn’t know anyone yet, and I had nothing to do, and a fellow student noticed. He went and found a staff member who gave me some things I could do to stay entertained and productive and not just sitting around being introverted. That is when I realized, “Wow, they actually care here!”

“Once I was done with the sauna portion, I noticed I felt like I did when I was 18, back before I had begun using.”

Going through the sauna part of the program was great for me because each day, I felt better and better knowing the drugs in my system after almost ten years were finally going away for good. Once I was done with the sauna portion, I noticed I felt like I did when I was 18, back before I had begun using. I could lift more, run faster, think more precisely, and a whole list of wins and achievements.

Then I went onto the next part of the program, objectives. In objectives, I started to dive deep into my mind realizing things I hadn’t before and getting a new perspective on life. It gave me a lot of clarity on situations in my life. Working with other students on this part of the program was excellent because I got to experience people changing as well, and each time someone would change, it gave me hope. Their wins and realizations were mine, knowing I had a small part in that was an excellent experience.

Life skills was the part of the program I was the most nervous about. The idea of really diving into my issues and facing my demons was terrifying. Which just made it that much more surprising that became my favorite part of the program. For the first time in 28 years of life, I was genuinely able to get honest with myself and with other people, which I didn’t think would be possible. For years I had kept using despite going to jail, going to other treatment centers, getting counseling, hitting “rock bottom,” and ruining relationships in my life.

This program, 100%, saved my life, and has given me the tools I need to become who I really am. I am confident I will be able to stay completely sober and handle the situations in my life. I am excited and ready for the next chapter in my life, free of drugs and alcohol.

J.M.—Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.