Narconon Gives Back to Local Community

Narconon Louisiana community work

Eastover Estates in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, a once thriving and family-friendly neighborhood, has faced its share of challenges. In recent years, it has been tested by poverty and drug abuse. The massive flood in August 2016, which dumped over 20 inches of rain in the area and caused the Amite River to overflow, further devastated the community. Many homes were demolished, and some areas are still on the path to recovery. However, amidst these trials, the spirit of Eastover Estates remains unbroken, a beacon of hope for a brighter future.

Focusing only on the negative after these challenges could have become easy. However, one person saw the potential in Eastover Estates. One individual, more than anyone else, recognized that with hard work, change was possible.

Pastor David Brown of Beyond the Walls Church was deeply moved by the struggles facing the residents of Eastover Estates. He recognized that many in the community felt trapped, not just by physical poverty but also by the despair that comes with addiction and a lack of hope for the future.

Determined to make a difference, Pastor Brown took to social media with an impassioned call to action. “Lately, I feel I have walked among those in the valley of the shadow of death,” he wrote. “Among those who find themselves imprisoned. Not so much behind the walls of concrete and steel but in bondage to drugs, poverty, and hopelessness. Eastover is a community of Livingston Parish among whom many of these can be found. On June 8th, there is a group determined to carry the light of hope into Eastover.”

Pastor Brown's heartfelt words resonated with many in his church and the surrounding community. He rallied volunteers and coordinated with local organizations, all with the goal of bringing tangible assistance and renewed optimism to Eastover Estates. His tireless efforts and unwavering belief in the potential for transformation are helping to make what once seemed impossible a reality for the people of this struggling neighborhood.

On June 8th, the collective vision of Pastor David Brown, Beyond the Walls Church, and the local community, including staff from Narconon, came to life. Approximately 25 members of Beyond the Walls Church and the local community, along with the dedicated staff from Narconon, descended upon Eastover Estates for a day of service and renewal. Equipped with dumpsters and a hydration station, the volunteers worked tirelessly from 8am to 5pm to clean up the neighborhood. Church members also prepared sandwiches, providing an opportunity for everyone to come together and break bread, symbolizing the strength and unity of the community.

Narconon New Life Retreat Community Work
Narconon New Life Retreat Community Work
Narconon New Life Retreat Community Work

The Narconon staff saw the event as a perfect opportunity to give back to the local community and work alongside other caring individuals. Two staff members participated in the makeover, working in one of the three designated areas of Eastover Estates.

“It was nice working side-by-side with others who care about the community. It was an overall friendly environment…”

“It was nice working side-by-side with others who care about the community. It was an overall friendly environment,” said Ray C. from Narconon. “It was hard work, but the area desperately needed some help and hope, and the other volunteers were very friendly.” Ray and his colleague from Narconon helped clean up trash, remove fallen debris, and empty out some of the abandoned trailers.

Narconon's participation in the Eastover Estates cleanup project shows their dedication to helping people beat addiction and to making communities better. By joining forces with Pastor Brown, his church, and local volunteers, Narconon proved that working with kindness and care can lead to good things. The Narconon team doesn't just want to help the person struggling with drugs but also wants to help the neighborhoods and towns dealing with the effects of addiction. Projects like this are a reminder that when people come together to help each other, big changes can be made.


Alina Snowden

Originally from Kentucky, Alina decided after changing her life that she wanted to help others understand the dangers of addiction and help families know what to do if their loved one is struggling. She now writes articles to spread awareness and positivity about how those with addiction problems can turn their lives around.