Becoming the Husband and Father My Wife and Daughter Deserve

JP — Narconon graduate and family

“On December 28, 2018, I arrived at Narconon New life Retreat and had no clue what to expect, especially since this was the first time I had ever been to rehab.

“I immediately checked into withdrawal and began getting my vitals and was delivered ’locationals’ and given assists. The locationals helped prevent me from overthinking my symptoms and situation, and the assists helped me overcome my sleepless nights, nausea, restless legs and overall physical discomfort that is associated with multi-drug withdrawal.

“After nine days, I was finally cleared to start the sauna part of the program. I was up to doing some physical activity and running before I got into the sauna. Through the regimented course of the vitamins, niacin, and Cal-Mag that were administered to me on a gradient, I was able to sweat out all of the drugs and residues that were trapped in my body. I felt better physically than I had felt in almost a decade and it was a truly incredible experience.

“It was truly rewarding to be in the program and to also be a part of another person’s growth and success.”

“I was then partnered with another student and we started our Objectives together. I was able to regain abilities I had lost over the course of my extensive drug use and I learned to be able to develop the ability to deliver effective communication. I also gained an ability to remain patient in the face of frustration. I saw a lot of growth in both myself and the other student I worked with during this part of the program and it was truly rewarding to be in the program and to also be a part of another person’s growth and success.

“Following Objectives, I entered the life skills course that allowed me to learn how to deal with ups and downs in life, how to properly analyze the people in my life, how to handle and improve the relationships in my life that I had seriously damaged and how to take responsibility for my actions without looking for any justifications for my wrongdoings.

“I was able to improve my life in every way at Narconon Louisiana with the help of the staff. I have a descriptive and encompassing plan on how to be successful in life once I leave Narconon. Thanks to this program and all the staff, I feel I have been properly equipped with the tools to live a sober and satisfying life and that I can now move forward. I’ve regained my zest for life and I can be the husband and father my wife and daughter deserve.”

—Narconon Graduate

Narconon’s program is individually based and helps each person deal with the issues that led them down the road of addiction. With attentive staff set in a relaxed and open environment, it is a great place to heal and handle the issues attached to substance abuse.

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Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.