People are Beautiful—A Poem

Man looking out at the valley

“People are happy, angry, sad, people hate, they love, people are beautiful. People dance, they fight, they go to war, people kill, they give birth, people are beautiful.

“People destroy, they create, they build, they run away, people die, they stay, they go away forever; people walk, they jump, they hit, they kiss passionately, people are beautiful.

“People play the guitar, they play drums; people like music, they eat food, people steal, people are beautiful.

“People sleep, they use drugs and drink wine, people suffer, people heal, people get sick and die, people are beautiful.

“People hope, they believe in gods, people fear demons, people rejoice, people are beautiful.

“People are here, they are everywhere, people marry each other, they divorce, people have kids, they see their kids grow up; people bury their kid’s, people cry, people are white, black, gay, straight, people love, people hate, they hurt each other, people are right and they are poor. People are beautiful.

“People love animals, they kill animals, they kill each other, people lie, they tell the truth, people are beautiful, people wait for better days. People are beautiful.”

M.S.—Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.