Pharmaceutical Company Gets Let off Easy in Criminal Case

Bribed doctor on handcuffs

Agents at the DEA claim that just as they were going to make an example of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the US, things fell apart. The company McKesson had been under investigation by the DEA for several years for failure to follow guidelines concerning supplying orders that should have been red flagged.

The case would have been the first criminal case brought against a major pharmaceutical company. It was a massive investigation including 9 DEA field divisions and 12 US attorney’s offices across 11 states. With that big of a case, what happened next was very anticlimactic as the US Justice Department decided to settle out of court.

Many DEA agents were devastated as they thought this case could have turned the tide of shady and negligent practices at all pharmacies across the country. This would have set an example that the DEA is not messing around when it comes to pharmaceutical businesses fueling a worsening drug epidemic.

To read about the testimonials from agents that worked the case and specifics on the case visit the Washington Post’s website.

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