Recovery, Community and Environment

Woman and drugs

Substance abuse is challenging to overcome with many addicts going in and out of treatment several times before getting stable. One of the biggest things we advise families is to get the addict out of the area.

A person’s environments have a huge impact on their lives. For someone working to overcome a substance abuse issue, their environment can literally be the difference between life and death.

When a substance abuser goes into treatment, they are usually admitted of their own volition. Not many treatment centers can hold someone against their will, even if a person is court ordered to treatment. This means if they want to leave, they can usually check themselves out. Going to addiction treatment, outside of their area will make them less tempted to leave and more difficult since they will not be familiar with the ways to get around. Therefore, it is more likely they will make it through their cravings if drugs are not a short car ride away.

Once someone has completed drug treatment, this is just as important. Why play with fire and put them back into an environment where they know exactly where to get drugs and who to get them from. Drugs are right there along with their old group of friends who use drugs. Get your loved one out of their toxic environment so they can start fresh. Give them the opportunity to start a new life with a new social community that doesn’t center around drugs.

We have lots of information for families trying to get their loved one into treatment. You can find more informative articles on our site. If you are interested, please call today to speak with an addiction professional.



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.