Through the Eyes of Meth Addiction

addict withdrawing from methamphetamine

Part 1

Where do I begin…

It started at a very young age when I was a child living in Tujunga, California. I was into racing BMX and watching the supercross races on Saturday nights, I was an active kid and in great physical shape. My whole life was ahead of me and I had a loving family. I was a freshman at a Christian school, playing on the football team and dating one of the cheerleaders. I was the man. In my head, anyway.

A “friend” that I met at school introduced me to meth. He told me since I was already very active, I would enjoy it. I had already dabbled in smoking weed and drinking without feeling the need to have more, so thought I could stop when I wanted. With this thought in place, I justified my intentions to try meth. I did a line and within seconds I had a huge rush to the head, chills all over my body, any aches and pains instantly vanished and I had a super-human burst of energy. I WAS HOOKED.

I was able to ride my bike for hours, I got all of my homework done and seemed more focused. This was great!!! I stayed up all night and then I started to come down. I felt miserable, my body ached all over, felt super depressed, hadn’t eaten or even had any water, plus I had a huge guilt because I was only one in my family that was doing drugs. I had thoughts of suicide and felt confused because I’d never been in a mental state like this. This was the beginning of a terrible road of psychosis and hallucinations.

To be continued…



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.