Video: “They Said One Hit Wouldn’t Hurt”

“They said one hit wouldn’t hurt. They lied. Get your kids the truth about drugs.” This is the haunting, impactful message shared by today’s featured “Truth About Drugs” film.

Today we are featuring a Public Service Announcement designed to inform parents and their children on the truth about drugs. This video is part of a series developed and released by the Foundation for a Drug Free World to help people learn more about the dangers of drug abuse.

Several of Narconon Riverbend’s graduates were featured in the Foundation’s latest documentary, telling the story of how they became addicted to drugs and how addiction affected them, in the hopes that they might dissuade similar youth from taking the same path.

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In this public service announcement, a young boy talks about that most crucial moment – when a young person tries drugs for the first time. Unfortunately, for some youth, the first time is their last, as is portrayed in the video.

Viewers are directed to the Drug Free World website, where more films and documentaries about specific drugs and peer pressure are available for use by parents and educators.

If you or someone you love needs drug abuse solutions, call our hotline now for immediate help: 1-877-862-4326.