10 Places Drugs May Be Hidden in a Car

Car interior

If you believe your child or loved one is using drugs, one of the first things you might do is look in their room or car to see if you can find something to confirm your suspicions. Cars are places where people hide things because they think it’ll be harder for people to get in and find anything.

They may keep their keys on them at all times or get suspicious when you ask to borrow their car or get in it. Cars have many hiding spots that can be obvious, and some are more inconspicuous and places you would never think of.

  • The console. Yes, this seems obvious, but all center consoles are different. Some have two buttons that can open different compartments and some may have bottoms that can be removed so they can stash things underneath.
  • The glove box. Another obvious place, but there are many things that could go on here. Some people may keep their glove box locked to keep you from opening it or have things hidden in there, so it’ll be hard to find them.
  • The trunk. Hiding things in the trunk can be a little more complicated than the others. The trunk can have many places to hide things with hidden compartments to hide drugs or paraphernalia. They may also have a compartment for the spare tire and can easily hide things in there. There can be clothes or anything hidden in the trunk. It’s a large area that has many spots to check.
Car side panel
  • Side panels. On some cars, it’s easy to remove the side panels in order to hide drugs out of sight. Most people who don’t do drugs would never look in the side panels in order to find anything. It also makes it harder to find anything when searching by hand. Detection dogs would be able to detect something, but a human more than likely wouldn’t be able to find it.
  • Eyeglasses holder. Some cars have a place where you can store your sunglasses or eyeglasses. That’s another place not everyone looks. There may be pipes or other paraphernalia hidden. It’s sometimes forgotten about and if they have a glasses case in there, they could store drugs inside of the case.
  • Cup holders. This is another one that seems obvious but sometimes addicts hide things in plain sight. If the cup holder closes or sometimes, the ones in the back can seem inconspicuous. People don’t always ride in the back of the car, so why would the cup holders need to be down? People will hide drugs or paraphernalia there because they know no one will be back there to look.
  • Under the seat. Addicts tend to like to keep their drugs close by. That way they know where it is yet others can’t get to it. They’ll hide it close by but somewhere easy to access. There may be hidden compartments under the seat or under the floor mat.
Car air vent
  • In the air vents. The air vents can be a bit more difficult to remove but it can be done. They are more difficult because you may not want to destroy your car or break something but it’s a spot that few people would think to hide anything in.
  • Under the hood. There are many places under the hood of the car where one could hide something. They could hide large quantities or smaller quantities. It’s a place people may think of but may not know how to get to in order to search.
  • Behind the stereo/radio. Some people like to replace their audio systems in their car to make it compatible with the newer technology. The stereo can easily be removed and it becomes a hidden shelf to hide drugs and paraphernalia in.

I hope this list can help you out. If you feel as if there is anything missing or that could be added, feel free to message us or leave us a comment so it can get added.


Alina Snowden

Originally from Kentucky, Alina decided after changing her life that she wanted to help others understand the dangers of addiction and help families know what to do if their loved one is struggling. She now writes articles to spread awareness and positivity about how those with addiction problems can turn their lives around.